Available commands

This page explain some of the available oe commands. For an overview about oe, see The oe script.

Keep in mind that oe --help and oe <command> --help already give a lot of information about the commands and their options and flags.


The web command is used to create a single OpenERP server process to handle regular HTTP requests and XML-RPC requests. It is possible to execute such process multiple times, possibly on different machines.

It is possible to chose the --threaded or --gevent flags. It is recommanded to use --threaded only when running a single process. --gevent is experimental; it is planned to use it for the embedded chat feature.

Example invocation:

> oe web --addons ../../addons/trunk:../../web/trunk/addons --threaded


The cron command is used to create a single OpenERP process to execute so-called cron jobs, also called scheduled tasks in the OpenERP interface. As for the web command, multiple cron processes can be run side by side.

It is necessary to specify on the command-line which database need to be watched by the cron process with the --database option.

Example invocation:

> oe cron --addons ../../addons/trunk:../../web/trunk/addons --database production