Ir Actions

Server actions

Changed in version 8.0.

Adding a new sever action

The state field holds the various available types of server action. In order to add a new server action, the first thing to do is to override the _get_states() method that returns the list of values available for the selection field.

The method called when executing the server action is the run() method. This method calls run_action_<STATE>. When adding a new server action type, you have to define the related method that will be called upon execution.



The refactoring of OpenERP 8.0 server actions removed the following types of server action:

  • loop: can be replaced by a code action
  • dummy: can be replaced by a void code action
  • object_create and object_copy have been merged into a single and more understandable object_create action
  • other is renamed multi and raises in case of loops