• Added support of custom group_by format and display format when using group_by on a datetime field, using datetime_format context key
  • Improved html_email_clean in tools: better quote and signature finding, added shortening.
  • Cleaned and slightly refactored ir.actions.server. The loop, sms and dummy server actions have been removed; object_create and object_copy have been merged into object_create; other is now multi and raises in case of loops. See Server actions for more details.
  • Removed sms_send method.
  • Added checking of recursions in many2many loops using _check_m2m_recursion.
  • Added MONTHS attribute on and fields.datetime, holding the list (month_number, month_name)
  • Almost removed LocalService(). For reports, openerp.osv.orm.Model.print_report() can be used. For workflows, see Workflow-related methods.
  • Removed support for the NET-RPC protocol.
  • Added the Long polling worker type.
  • Added Workflow-related methods to the ORM.
  • Added Routing decorators to the RPC and WSGI stack.
  • Removed support for descriptor files.
  • Removed support for <terp> root element in XML files.
  • Removed support for the non-openerp namespace (e.g. importing tools instead of in an addons).
  • Add a new type of exception that allows redirections: openerp.exceptions.RedirectWarning.
  • Give a pair of new methods to res.config.settings and a helper to make them easier to use: get_config_warning().
  • Path to webkit report files (field report_file) must be written the Unix way (with / and not \)


  • Modules may now include an i18n_extra directory that will be treated like the default i18n directory. This is typically useful for manual translation files that are not managed by Launchpad’s translation system. An example is l10n modules that depend on l10n_multilang.